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Cirrus Sport™

Cirrus sport-b

Cirrus Sport™

Powder-coated white aluminium housing with highly efficient optics and silicone gasket. IP65 ingress protection. IK10 impact rated.

For standard IK08 version see Cirrus high bay

Quality European components.

Surface mounted or suspended.

Dimensions: lengths: 935mm, 1190mm, 1444mm or 1953mm, width: 114mm, height 91mm

Typical Applications: sports halls, fitness centres, halls


Lengths: 935mm, 1190mm, 1444mm or 1953mm

Mounting: surface mounted as standard, or can be suspended with suspension mounting kit option.

Control: switched on/off, DALI dimming, PIR on/off, or PIR master/slave programmable.

Optics: 30x70deg, 40x40deg, 60x60deg, 75×75 deg or 120x120deg beam angles

Emergency: available in emergency version if required.

See below for product codes and options…

CRS-SP-59-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 935mm 59W 9480lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-70-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 935mm 70W 11179lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-83-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 935mm 83W 12891lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-87-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1190mm 87W 14147lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-104-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1190mm 104W 16768lm 4000K 90° optics
CRS-SP-122-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1190mm 122W 19237lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-115-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1444mm 115W 18863lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-137-4K-B75 Cirrus Sport™ 1444mm 137W 22357lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-150-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1444mm 150W 23925lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-163-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1444mm 163W 25649lm 4000K 90° optics
CRS-SP-173-4K-B75 Cirrus Sport™ 1953mm 173W 28148lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-207-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1953mm 207W 33363lm 4000K 90° optic
CRS-SP-244-4K-B90 Cirrus Sport™ 1953mm 244W 38273lm 4000K 90° optic

Select product code from table above, then add/amend suffixes from lists below to specify options as required.


(leave blank for surface mount)

-SUS1.5   1.5m wire suspension kit

-SUS3   3m wire suspension kit

-SUS5   5m wire suspension kit


-B60    60° beam angle

-B75    75° beam angle

-B90    90° beam angle

-B120    120° beam angle

-B1A50    Asymmetric beam



(leave blank for standard switched)

-DA   DALI dimmable

-PIR   Integrated PIR sensor for on/off switching

-PIRWM   Integrated smart sensor wireless master, programmable

-PIRWS   Wireless slave version (for use with PIRWM)



(leave blank if emergency not required)

-EM   3hr Maintained Emergency

-MS   3hr Maintained Self-Test Emergency

-MZ   3hr Maintained DALI Emergency