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Lunar IP65

Lunar IP65 LED Bulkhead Light

Lunar die-cast aluminium LED bulkhead light IP65

Die-cast aluminium body & rim with polycarbonate opal diffuser. Complete with European branded LED board and driver.

Surface mount by fixing directly through the back of the fitting. Supplied with two 20mm pre-glanded cable entries to rear of base for ease of installation.

Dimensions: diameter 360mm, depth 130mm or diameter: 265, depth: 90

Warranty: 5 years

Typical Applications: Entrance lobbies, external walkways, carparks, schools, hospitals, corridors, stairwells 


Finish: standard black finish only

LED colour temperature: 4000K as standard, with 3000K or to order.

Control: switched on/off, or DALI/DSI dimming if required. Sensors can also be incorporated.

Emergency: available with integral emergency pack if required

See below for product codes and options…

LUN26-14-4K Lunar die-cast IP65 bulkhead 14W 1173lm, 4000K
LUN36-14-4K Lunar die-cast IP65 bulkhead 14W 1252lm, 4000K
LUN36-21-4K Lunar die-cast IP65 bulkhead 21W 1759lm, 4000K
LUN36-24-4K Lunar die-cast IP65 bulkhead 24W 1956lm, 4000K

Select product code from table above, then add suffixes from lists below to specify options as required.


-3K   3000K LEDs

-4K   4000K LEDs


(leave blank for standard switched)

-DA   DALI/DSI Dimmable

-1-10V   1-10V Dimmable

-PD   Presence Detection

-DPD   Dimmable Presence Detection


(leave blank if emergency not required)

-EM   3hr Maintained Emergency

-MZ   3hr Maintained DALI Emergency