Alto™ streetlight


Alto streetlight

Alto™ streetlight

Die-cast aluminium body, tempered glass lens. Choice of light distribution patterns. Complete with quality European components.

Adjustable to suit post-top or side arm mounting. Can also be wall mounted using ALT-WB if required.

Dimensions: ALT1: length 525mm, width 250mm, height 102mm. ALT2: length 625mm, width 288mm, height 102mm. ALT3: length 776mm, width 320mm, height 102mm

Warranty: 5 years

Typical Applications: car parks, public spaces, streetlighting 


Finishes: light grey as standard, other colours to order

LED colour temperature: 4000K as standard, with 3000K or 5000K to order

Control: switched on/off, DALI or AutoDim dimming. Photocell can also be incorporated.

See below for product codes and options…

ALT1-26-34-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 26W 3434lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT1-34-42-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 34W 4277lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT1-35-45-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 35W 4579lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT1-40-48-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 40W 4878lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT1-46-57-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 46W 5703lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT1-54-65-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 54W 6504lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT1-52-68-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 52W 6829lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT1-68-85-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 68W 8554lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT2-70-91-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 70W 9158lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT2-81-97-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 81W 9756lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT2-79-103-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 79W 10303lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT2-91-114-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 91W 11405lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT2-102-128-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 102W 12831lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT2-104-137-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 104W 13737lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT3-104-137-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 104W 13737lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT3-135-171-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 135W 17108lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT3-138-183-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 138W 18316lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT3-156-195-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 156W 19512lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT3-177-228-4K-AB1 Alto™  streetlight 177W 22810lm 4000K optics AB1
ALT-WB Wall bracket

Select product code from table above, then add suffixes from lists below to specify options as required.


(leave blank for standard light grey)

RALxxxx  Bespoke colour, specify                          RAL no.


-AB1   Asymmetric beam 1

-AB2   Asymmetric beam 2

-AB3   Asymmetric beam 3

-AB4   asymmetric beam 4

-ABR   Asymmetric beam right

-ABL   asymmetric beam left



-3K   3000K LEDs

-4K   4000K LEDs

-5K   5000K LEDs



(leave blank for standard switched)

-DALI   DALI Dimmable

-AD   Autodim

-PC   Photocell