Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed

Vanta-Tuf™ Recessed

Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed

Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed anti-vandal luminaire with polycarbonate diffuser, stainless steel security screws and powder-coated, zinc-plated steel housing. Also available in surface, corner and wall mounted options.

Quality European Components

Dimensions: Lengths: 410mm, 690mm, 970mm, 1250mm, 1530mm. Width: 180mm. Height: 65mm

Typical Applications: Prisons, detention centres, underpass walkways


Finishes: white, or any RAL colour to order

LED colour temperature: 3000K or 4000K

Control: switched on/off, DALI, microwave sensor or corridor function (corridor function not available for 410mm length)

Emergency: available with standard, self-test or DALI emergency if required.

See below for product codes and options…

VTFR-41-10-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 410mm 10W 1226lm 4000K
VTFR-41-13-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 410mm 13W 1548lm 4000K
VTFR-69-14-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 690mm 14W 1685lm 4000K
VTFR-69-19-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 690mm 19W 2334lm 4000K
VTFR-69-22-4k Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 690mm 22W 2899lm 4000K
VTFR-97-20-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 970mm 20W 2528lm 4000K
VTFR-97-28-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 970mm 28W 3502lm 4000K
VTFR-97-33-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 970mm 33W 4214lm 4000K
VTFR-125-25-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 1250mm 25W 3113lm  4000K
VTFR-125-37-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 1250mm 37W 4668lm 4000K
VTFR-125-43-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 1250mm 43W 5619lm 4000K
VTFR-153-31-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 1530mm 31W 3891lm 4000K
VTFR-153-41-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 1530mm 41W 5295lm 4000K
VTFR-153-46-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 1530mm 46W 5805lm 4000K
VTFR-153-54-4K Vanda-Tuf™ Recessed 1530mm 54W 7023lm 4000K

Select product code from table above, then add suffixes from lists below to specify options as required.


(leave blank for standard white RAL9010)

-RALxxxx  Any colour, specify RAL no.


-3K   3000K LEDs

-4K   4000K LEDs


(leave blank for standard switched)


-MW   Microwave motion sensor

-COR   Corridor function


(leave blank if emergency not required)

-EM   Standard emergency

-MS   Self-test emergency

-MZ   DALI emergency