Horizon 58DI™ suspended, direct/indirect

Horizon 50 Suspended Direct Linear LED Light

Horizon 58™ suspended linear LED light fitting, with direct downwards and indirect upwards light; available in a range of lengths, finishes and options.

Extruded aluminium body with aluminium end caps and clip-in diffuser. Complete with quality LEDs and European branded drivers.

Suspended via 1.5m adjustable wire system supplied. Gear tray unclips for ease of installation.

Dimensions: width 58mm, height 75mm, lengths as listed below

Warranty: 5 years

Typical Applications: offices, reception areas, schools, colleges, universities, modern commercial & residential interiors 


Lengths: 2 standard lengths. Lengths may be joined, if this is specified when ordering.

Finishes: choice of white, black or silver-grey powder coat; other RAL colours to order

Diffuser: opal or micro-prismatic

LED colour temperature: 4000K as standard, with 3000K or tunable white to order.

Output: High output as standard, medium or low outputs also available – please enquire.

Control: switched on/off, or DALI or SwitchDim dimming if required. Sensors can also be incorporated.

Emergency: available with integral emergency pack if required.

See below for product codes and options…

H58DI-P-1135-OP-HO-4K- Horizon 58 linear LED, suspended, direct/indirect, 1135mm opal HO 47W 4890lm 4000K
H58DI-P-1415-OP-HO-4K- Horizon 58 linear LED, suspended, direct/indirect, 1415mm opal HO 60W 6287lm 4000K
H58DI-P-1135-MP-HO-4K- Horizon 58 linear LED, suspended, direct/indirect, 1135mm micro-prismatic HO 47W 5074lm 4000K
H58DI-P-1415-MP-HO-4K- Horizon 58 linear LED, suspended, direct/indirect, 1415mm micro-prismatic HO 60W 6517lm 4000K

Select product code from table above, then add suffixes from lists below to specify options as required.


-WH   White (RAL9016)

-BK  Black (RAL9005)

-SG  Silver Grey (RAL9006)

RALxxxx  Bespoke colour, specify RAL no.


-OP   Opal

-MP  Micro-prismatic, low glare


-3K   3000K LEDs

-4K   4000K LEDs

-TW   Tunable white LEDs


(leave blank for standard switched)

-DALI   DALI/DSI Dimmable

-SDIM   SwitchDim Dimmable


(leave blank if emergency not required)

-EM   3hr Maintained Emergency

-MS   3hr Maintained Self-Test Emergency

-MZ   3hr Maintained DALI Emergency