Skye™ panel Opal


Skye™ edge-lit LED panel, Opal

White finish aluminium frame, with opal diffuser. Complete with quality LEDs and driver. Direct downwards light only.

Suitable for recessing in 15-24mm exposed Tee suspended ceiling grids. Can also be recessed in plasterboard ceiling with recessed mounting kit, ordered separately.

(Also available with micro-prismatic diffuser, see Skye panel Low Glare.)

Dimensions: length 595mm, width 595mm, height 11mm, or length 295mm, width 1195mm, height 12mm

Warranty: 5 years

Typical Applications: general commercial lighting, break-out areas, offices, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, modern commercial interiors 


Size: 595mm x 595mm, or 1195mm x 295mm

LED colour temperature: 4000K as standard, with 3000K or 6000K to order

Frequency: standard or High frequency Anti-Flicker

Control: switched on/off, or DALI or DSI dimming.

Emergency: available with remote emergency pack if required


See below for product codes and options…

SKY66-OPB-25-4K Skye LED panel opal 595×595 25W 4000K
SKY66-OPB-30-4K Skye LED panel opal 595×595 30W 4000K
SKY66-OPB-25-HF-4K Skye LED panel opal 595×595 HF anti-flicker 25W 4000K
SKY66-OPB-30-HF-4K Skye LED panel opal 595×595 HF anti-flicker 30W 4000K
SKY123-OPB-30-4K Skye LED panel opal 1195×295 30W 4000K
SKY123-OPB-30-HF-4K Skye LED panel opal 1195×295 HF anti-flicker 30W 4000K

Select product code from table above, then add suffixes from lists below to specify options as required.


(leave blank for standard)

-HF   High frequency Anti-Flicker


-3K   3000K LEDs

-4K   4000K LEDs

-6K   6000K LEDs



(leave blank for standard switched)

-DA   DALI Dimmable

-SDIM   SwitchDim Dimmable


(leave blank if emergency not required)

-EM   3hr Maintained Emergency

-MS   3hr Maintained Self-Test Emergency

-MZ   3hr Maintained DALI Emergency