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Quadro™ surface

Agua-Tuf IP65 Anti-Corrosive Luminaire

Quadro™ surface luminaire.

Powder coated sheet steel body with Xmicro-prismatic diffuser for excellent glare control. Complete with quality LED boards and drivers. With direct output only. Supplied in white finish as standard, other colours to order. Can be joined to make continuous run if required, using joiner kit ordered separately.

(Also available as suspended version – see Quadro suspended)

Dimensions: width 175mm, height 47mm, lengths 1203mm or 1483mm. Continous runs achievable with blanking inserts 300mm, 600mm or 1215mm with through wiring – please contact the sales office for assistance.

Warranty: 5 years

Typical Applications: offices, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, commercial interiors


Finish: white (RAL 9003)  as standard, other RAL colours to order

Sizes: 1203mm or 1483mm.

LED colour temperature: 4000K as standard, with 3000K to order.

Control: switched on/off, or DALI or SwitchDim dimming if required. Sensors can also be incorporated.

Emergency: available with integral emergency pack if required.

See below for product codes and options…

QUA12-F-D-XMP-26-4K Quadro surface, direct Xmicro-prismatic 1203mm 26W 3534lm 4000K
QUA12-F-D-XMP-36-4K Quadro surface, direct Xmicro-prismatic 1203mm 36W 5051lm 4000K
QUA12-F-D-XMP-43-4K Quadro surface, direct Xmicro-prismatic 1203mm 43W 5785lm 4000K
QUA15-F-D-XMP-32-4K Quadro surface, direct Xmicro-prismatic 1483mm 32W 4418lm 4000K
QUA12-F-D-XMP-46-4K Quadro surface, direct Xmicro-prismatic 1483mm 46W 6313lm 4000K
QUA15-F-D-XMP-53-4K Quadro surface, direct Xmicro-prismatic 1483mm 53W 7231lm 4000K

Select product code from table above, then add suffixes from lists below to specify options as required.


(leave blank for standard RAL 9003 white finish)

-RALxxxx   bespoke colour, specify RAL number


-3K   3000K LEDs

-4K   4000K LEDs

-TW   Tunable white LEDs 2700-6500K


(leave blank for standard switched)

-DA   DALI Dimmable

-SDIM   SwitchDim

-BT   Bluetooth, Casambi dimmable


(leave blank if emergency not required)

-EM   3hr Maintained Emergency

-MS   3hr Maintained Self-test Emergency

-MZ   3hr Maintained DALI Emergency